Happy virtual holidays!

Happy virtual holidays!

As we are reaching the end of another year, we want to express our thanks for working with you as our client. We look forward to creating great mobile experiences in the future together. But for now, we want to surprise you with a different experience: the aVRogleap experience. Virtual Reality is now within an easy reach. Welcome to the future!

There is a wide selection of different experiences worth to explore. Strap your smartphone into the aVRogleap glasses and get immersed into the magic virtual worlds. The sense of motion may give you the same high as the real thing, and it can be truly addictive. The apps listed below should amuse you for some time during the holidays. We’d like to send our warmest wishes for a happy holiday and an amazing 2016! Cheers to a virtual and Merry Christmas, ho ho ho!

Cardboard: Cardboard is one of the first VR experiences created for Google Cardboard, and thus, for other VR goggles which are used in combination with your smartphone. The Cardboard app introduces you to a set of different VR experiences, demos and new apps. It even let you fly around the world with Google Earth.

Flying Blue 360: For the 10th anniversary of Flying Blue, AirFrance and KLM created the Flying Blue 360 app which allows you to enjoy an exceptional experience in total immersion on Legzira Beach and discover the musical performance of Talisco. Download the app for free.

Roller coaster VR: This virtual reality app takes you on a ride through the jungle. Once you flip the handle, the journey begins. Hands in the air and feel the thrill!

Skydive 360: You're a daredevil, but you're not yet sure if skydiving is something you want to dare? Then this Skydive360 VR app is a great introduction. Although it will give you the same high and suspense, your feet will remain safe on the ground.

Paris VR: This app is only available for Android, but we definitely don't want you to miss this amazing experience. You can now visit Paris and dive into the heart of its most characteristic places at 360 °.

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