Beme: the new social kid on the block?

Beme: the new social kid on the block?

It started with MySpace followed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and what other social media darlings you have nowadays. It's almost like they pop out every week. There is nothing weird and narcissistic about sharing your shameless selfie with the world, right? Social media is all about the same: YOU. Your perfect you. And it works like shit!

Casey Neistat, the interesting but peculiar film maker and vlogger from New York that masters the social media, keeps many people captivated with his shots. He does a great job on online storytelling. His work, a bit nonchalant and smoothly edited, just feels right. Music, style and ambience are blending together, making it simple but cool. The result? The new Youtube generation loves him.

Now he claims to actually change the perspective of social media into something more 'authentic'. His new app is called Beme. The tagline: share video. Honestly. And if it is up to Casey preferably the raw uncensored, no-filtered, non selfie-feeling version of your life. The idea stems from his, somewhat critical, point of view that shared content is just the beautifully highly polished part of people’s actual lives. Beme should change that. 'A new version of social, a new way to share', Neistat says in his promo video.

So, how do we feel about Beme at aFrogleap? The app has two main features that we like to discuss. First, its unique capture method. By covering the proximity sensor next to the front camera, it starts recording your video.

  • Step 1: you hold your phone to your chest, or anywhere else as long as the sensor is covered (Yes ladies, this can be a problem).
  • Step 2: when you move it again (and feel the vibration), your video is instantly shared to the world. No tinkering with the pose or checking if the video is as great as you want it to be.

The second major game changer is the way you can interact with the video as a viewer. No likes or hearts, but a series of selfie facial expressions of the viewer which are shared to the maker of the video. To do this you tap the screen while watching a video (be sure to do this with your second finger, since you need to hold the screen with your finger to watch the video). When the video is done, it's forever gone. Oh.. that last bit sounds like Snapchat.

Our conclusion? A cool app to try out with fun interactions. Will it be the Snapchat killer?

Beme app: watch and react