App of the Week: Twitter’s new live video app ...

App of the Week: Twitter’s new live video app Periscope

Yesterday the Periscope app, Twitter’s new broadcasting app, has been launched for iPhone. As we previously wrote about the other live-streaming app Meerkat, we can feel that the tension around this is built up. Although Meerkat currently has a small lead in this business, people probably think that the two apps can do about the same: filming any situation and broadcasting it live on the app (with the use of Twitter). But as Meerkat was only built within eight weeks and already showing some teething problems, the Periscope app has been in development for more than a year with nice attention to detail. And the app was sold to Twitter for 100 million dollars in the beginning of this year. We are curious how this is going to evolve.

With the app you can see the world through other people’s eyes, an interactive window to the world. Its co-founder Keyvon Beykpour describes it more as a ‘two-way teleportation device’, since you (as a viewer) could affect the experience right in the moment by giving your comment to the broadcaster. A whistle for every notification, saying that there’s another someone who is somewhere doing something that might be worth watching. Live.

The difference with the Meerkat live streaming app is that these streams via Periscope are also viewable on the web and will be saved in the app for 24 hours before disappearing for good. Being able to replay the streams is its best feature. Interaction within the app is made possible in a very loving way: by tapping on the screen you can send hearts — visible for anyone who is watching— to let the broadcaster know you (still) appreciate his/her film. Real-time live video and real-time conversations around those video: call it amazing or silly, but this might be the next social experience in mobile.

The Periscope app is now available in iTunes.