A day at Your Social ?

A day at Your Social ?

Perhaps 'Amsterdammers' are not used to going out of town that often... But we knew that this day would come. With the expansion of the Oxyma family, it was about time to make the trip to our sister Your Social in Breda to see what's going on there. One hour train ride and a sunny stroll later we arrived at our destination, and so an exciting day could begin!

Your Social.

Is a full service social media agency. A specialist in generating smart and relevant social strategies and campaigns, which also takes care of actionable social insights. Basically, it's all about building and maintaining a brand's social success: creating awesome and engaging branded content for social media that your audience do like! And the good thing is: Your Social is now part of Oxyma.

War room Your Social

We got a peek into the kitchen and took part in creative brainstorm sessions for clients like Toyota and Smint. We ended up in a 'war room-play room' kind of space, where creativity is evoked to flow out. And we could help implement their content strategy by creating a content calendar for the next month. With the help of the awesome Paper app we sketched our fresh ideas directly onto the screen. Designing on the spot. Targeted and efficient, so that the client can see what's needed and what type of content we want to create.

A day at Your Social means a day of serious content creation, working in creative teams with focus on delivery, a nice lunch with new colleagues and a relaxing game of ping pong. With winners and losers, I will not name names. When can we come again?