Design series: Benefits of Service Design

Design series: Benefits of Service Design

In the previous design series blog we have been introducing you to service design. But what do you exactly need when applying the service design methodology?

By applying the service design, we create experiences that are consistent across touch points and designed around customer needs instead of the ‘inside out’ organization’s view of the world. It’s all about starting with your customer’s needs and their desired experiences and then designing the organization to deliver its services around those needs. The delivery of services spans all channels and touch points, with the one objective of having them work together to provide a seamless customer experience.


The following tools will give you an idea of which tools we use  have either been addressed in previous blogs, or will be the subject of coming articles in this series. In our attempt to be comprehensive, the blogs already written can help form a clear understanding of service design.  


Benefits for you!

When you start with design, whether it’s business design strategy or designing the perfect customer journey, it brings together the understanding and needs to deliver a perfect customer experience. It makes a complex process tangible. We have listed some benefits of service design below: 

  • Greater understanding of the customer and the customer experience and an ability to retain the customer perspective in the delivery of complex services.
  • Richer organizational understanding of customer issues and opportunities through the use of design tools such as visualization, customer journey mapping and scenario-making.
  • The capability to prototype, test, learn with customers to improve the design and develop a more effective solution in the long run.

But most important, service design makes it possible to make the customer experience an organization-wide responsibility.

Do you want to read more from our design team? To give you a more complete picture of the different tools that we apply to service design, it's nice to read our articles on the value and the 'how to' of customer journey mapping. In our next blog we will dive deeper into the design process and write about what should be the future of micro interactions!