Allsecur joins the Schadeformulier platform

Allsecur joins the Schadeformulier platform

Last week, online car insurance company Allsecur released a white-labeled version of our digital car damage report app, Schadeformulier. By joining the Schadeformulier platform, Allsecur is choosing a better experience for its customers:

“Our customers already had the option to report damage online, but in cases of bilateral damage, our customers also had to fill in a paper form. The Schadeformulier app is a great addition, as it lets our customers file their damage reports in a fully digital way,” says Guido van Leeuwen, project manager at Allsecur. 


After a car accident, paperwork should be the least of anyone’s concerns. That’s the idea behind the Schadeformulier platform. In case of an accident, our digital version of the European Accident Statement helps people collect the right information on their smartphone. This is how Schadeformulier makes reporting damage to insurers much less of a hassle.

Schadeformulier’s user-friendly interface played an important role in Allsecur’s decision, as Van Leeuwen explains:

“At Allsecur, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customer service and increase customer satisfaction. We decided to partner with Schadeformulier because the app is intuitive. As a ready-made solution, it also had a short time to market.”

All insurers can now implement Schadeformulier

Allsecur is not the first company that’s choosing to join the Schadeformulier platform. Last year, we welcomed several other parties to the platform. Meanwhile, we’re in talks with various other insurers. Our goal? Getting rid of all paper forms in a digital ecosystem that can scale to millions of users.

We believe it should be possible for all insurers to implement our solution. That’s why we’ve created two ways to implement our digital damage report platform:

  • White-label app
    Any business can license the Schadeformulier app and get a fully customized version that matches the look and feel of their own brand. When customers file a report, you receive their damage form in a PDF by email. With this white-label app, you’ll be in the app stores in no time.
  • White-label app with back-end connection
    Our white-label app with back-end connection is where the real awesomeness starts. By linking the app to your systems, essential user information can be pre-filled inside the app. On top of that, users can upload their reports directly into your back-end systems. 

For insurers, connecting directly to the Schadeformulier platform has multiple significant benefits:

  • Cost reduction
    Processing paper forms is a labor-intensive and thus costly process. Moving to digital can save up to 20 euros per form.
  • Faster processing
    Automatically loading reports into your systems means a reduction of the time necessary to deal with each case. As a result, customers will need replacement cars for a shorter amount of time, reducing the total costs of each case.

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