Agile series: the Google Design Sprint!

Agile series: the Google Design Sprint!

In our agile series, we have been writing about how we work at aFrogleap. We'd like to take a closer look at our work process and aim to make it better and faster. We'd also like to involve our clients in the process as much as possible so that they quickly get a feeling with their product. As part of the process, we believe that validating an idea with end-users before building it is an important step and even more effective. This is in line with the lean startup methodology.

The design sprint

When we start a project, we like to do a Google Design Sprint with our clients: a step-by-step process that helps us validate a client's idea. What does this process look like? In a sprint week of 5 days, we try to figure out whether a product is worth building. Before starting a design sprint, we'll need to have the right challenge and the right team. We form a multidisciplinary team with our own experts and some people from the client. Through design, prototyping, and testing, we validate an idea with the potential end-users of our clients' product. In the image below, you get a broad understanding of how a sprint weeks looks:

5 days process Google design sprint

Recently, we did design sprints with clients like and Eneco. We love the effect it can have within 5 days: it's fast and effective. And then there's the energy it delivers. Do you want to know if your product is worth building? In the video below, we give you a brief summary of how we implement Google Design Sprints with our team: