The new revolution in Voice, are you ready?

The new revolution in Voice, are you ready?

The Dutch Google Assistant has been in existence for 1 year now and things have been going fast since its launch. In no other country, so many people started talking to their new virtual friend in such a short period of time. Lots of brands experimented with "voice", which resulted in the first business cases. Merkle also made "Actions" to make traveling easier or to resolve malfunctions for example.

For many brands, it wasn’t more than that: a nice feature or practical help, as you would expect from an assistant. But Merkle is now going a step further. Since 2017 they have been helping leading brands with the strategy, creation and implementation of voice applications. From today on, the knowledge and experience gained so far will be united in the multidisciplinary Voice team.


The next step with Voice

Voice Actions and Voice Search often work separately from the rest of your marketing strategy and aren’t integrated in the overall marketing ecosystem. But why would you build an "independent" assistant if you have the ability to make this assistant anticipate on previous customer contacts? That’s what we call a relevant 1-on-1 experience. By concentrating on the end user and integrating Voice Actions & Search into your existing marketing ecosystem, the Merkle voice team takes the next step with Voice. But first back to the basics; what exactly are Voice Actions and Voice Search?

Voice Actions

Voice Actions are apps within the Google Assistant. As a user, you can perform an activity within these apps through your voice. For example, you can plan your train journey through the Google Assistant. This tells you if you still have time to drink a cup of coffee, because it checks realtime whether your train is delayed. Ideal right? But Merkle goes further. How cool would it be if Voice Actions were integrated into existing systems, which enable you to reserve a table through the assistant and the Voice Action automatically processes this data in the restaurant's reservation system. The assistant then sends you a confirmation e-mail, because he retrieves your (e-mail)address from the CRM system. Oh, and he immediately adds the address with directions and the menu, so that you can prepare yourself. Are you also visiting the website in the meantime? The site will be completely adjusted to the conversation you recently had with the assistant. This is what you would expect from an assistant, right?


Voice Search Optimization

Where Voice Actions are mainly used for loyalty and personal interactions with a brand, because these are actively invoked, Voice Search is the perfect way to get in touch with customers who do not yet know your brand. Voice Search makes it possible for a brand to be the answer to a generic question, even when the brand has not been mentioned by the user before. By integrating this into your current marketing strategy, Voice Search Optimization provides additional brand recognition, brand preference and interaction with your brand.


Are you ready?

We are looking for brands with courage that are ready to take the lead in this revolution with our knowledge and experience. Are you ready for a prize-winning Voice case? One that is fully integrated into your marketing ecosystem?

Get in touch with Arjan van der Salm, Voice Business Development Manager at Merkle:

+316 10334073

Want to know more about voice? On the occasion of the first birthday of the Google Assistant in the Netherlands and our official Voice team introduction, we have written a whitepaper about the possibilities with voice and our way of working.