Get ready for Kinderpostzegels 2018

Get ready for Kinderpostzegels 2018

Every autumn, thousands of Dutch school kids prepare for an exciting mission: they’re going door-to-door to raise funds for 400,000 children in need. In this year’s Kinderpostzegels campaign, and just like last year, our Kinderpostzegels app will help kids to safely sell products while having fun with their classmates.

Stichting Kinderpostzegels is a Dutch organization that helps improve the life of vulnerable children worldwide. Every year, Dutch primary school kids sell products like stamps and postcards. What if you no longer send physical mail? Well, you’re in luck: they also sell items like tea, tulip bulbs, and emoji band aids.

Since 2017, aFrogleap has been Kinderpostzegels’s strategic, creative, and development partner. Last year, we helped Kinderpostzegels make their digital transformation. We designed and built an app that helps children sell products using their smartphone. For buyers at the door, that means secure payments through iDeal. Meanwhile, the kids can collect fun badges in the app by selling products and eventually helping out other kids.

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This year, the Kinderpostzegels campaign will kick off on September 26th. It’s the 70th edition, and we updated the app to be fully prepared for the new campaign. The app helps kids to start and complete their mission as a Special Agent: “A safe home for every kid”. So, if you hear your doorbell ring next week, make sure to support a smiling face with a shiny ‘Kinderpostzegels Bestel-app’.

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