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Life in our frog pond is bouncy and bubbly. Here, we keep you up to date on our teams, our clients, our office, and exiting things we’re working on.


Great products require more than just hard work. We use Agile teams to keep our frogs efficient, effective, and satisfied. Here, we explain how we work.


We believe user experiences should be engaging. That’s why our designers take a human-centered approach. Here, we share our design process.


Our developers make sure all of our products are smooth, stable and secure. Here, we discuss what’s going on under the hood.



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We believe artificial intelligence will revolutionize the future of customer interaction. Here, we look at AI and other innovations that will change the game.



The digital landscape is changing all the time. Operating systems evolve and new platforms keep popping up. Here, we keep track of those developments.


Staying alive in the digital jungle requires any organization to stay nimble and think ahead. Here, our strategists share the opportunities they see.

A reality check for your rose-tinted glasses

A reality check for your rose-tinted glasses

When you’ve fallen in love with a wonderful idea, it’s hard to keep cool. We’ve all been there. Unable to control your feelings, you may start to act a little like this: At this stage, it’s easy to forget that love can blind you. No matter how great your idea, having blind spots is something to avoid at all costs. Let’s see whether you’re at risk...