Make artificial intelligence work for you

Technologies like machine learning, image recognition, and neural networks can help you work better and faster. To ignite your love affair with artificial intelligence, all you need is a spark. Find the type of AI that’s right for you in our two-day AI Sprint. 

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Step 1

Map and target

At the start of the Sprint, our experts will bring you up to speed on the basics of artificial intelligence. After this crash course, we’ll help you set a long-term goal. How can AI improve your internal processes? And how will AI let you create better products or services?

Step 2

Sketch the possibilities

In the second stage, we’ll share examples of real-world AI cases to inspire you. Next, you’ll start exploring how to make AI work for you. With pen and paper, we’ll pick our brains for creative ways of using artificial intelligence. You’ll be surprised by your own ideas.

Step 3

Draw up a plan

Together, we’ll go through each of the sketches and decide which ideas we like best. Using the winning elements, we’ll create a blueprint for an experiment with AI. Testing your concept will help you spend your innovation budget more wisely.

Step 4

Run the experiment

Time to get cracking! Your experiment could involve machine learning, computer vision, or any other AI technology that might fit your goal. Depending on your target, your test might aim for outcomes like error reduction or increased customer delight.

Step 5

Validate the concept

In the final Sprint stage, we’ll analyze the results of the experiment. This way, you’ll know what your next step in AI should be. Your validated concept can help you convince colleagues, management, or investors that developing AI skills is something worth investing in.

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Most ideas look great on paper, but only some will make a dent in the real world. By validating your concepts early, you’ll reduce your risk of wasting time and money on the wrong projects.For a bulletproof AI concept, start with a Sprint.

Some of the most popular experiments in our Labs


Conversational Sprint

Bring your brand into people’s lives with a chatbot or voice assistant. These conversations are fun, fast and personal. In just a few days, we’ll help you validate your first concept.

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Design Sprint

When the stakes are high, there’s no room for error. The solution is simple: validate your concept in a Design Sprint. Our experts will help you get the most out of your ideas.

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